Azin & Erik

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I had first met Azin at a Dodger game I went to with my Boyfriend, Steve, we had been invited by Azin’s bother, Raz, along with an awesome group of people.  I knew that Steve and Raz met at crossfit and that Azin was also a member. I had just started myself, a compromise for making Steve go to yoga with me. Needless to say I stuck with crossfit but Steve dropped yoga…One Saturday morning I sent to class sans Steve and recognized Azin from the game and we became fast friends and crossfit partners. We even got 3rd place in a competition…NBD. 

One night while out with Raz he mentioned that Azin was getting married and “had no idea what she was doing”. He was very concerned she might had gotten in over her head, thinking she could do everything the day of. So I scheduled a call with Azin had learned that her wedding was two weeks away and she had yet to order her flowers or a cake. After I brought this to her attention it was obvious we were going to be working together.

The two weeks went by fast and she had done a great deal on her own. Her and Erik chose to get married at The Oviatt Penthouse in downtown LA. It was a small wedding with the ceremony on the terrace then during cocktail hour we flipped the terrace to the dinning room and dance floor. Both avid readers, the center pieces were made up of old classics and the sign in “book” was actually a hand drawn picture of a book shelf where guests would fill in the spines of the books with their names. Azin and Erik had a simple and beautiful vision with every detail deeply rooted in who they are.

It was such a pleasure getting to know these two amazing people and I’m so thankful they are my true friends. Even though we go to different crossfit classes I always see Azin’s scores on the board and it pushes me to do better! Crossfit partner for life!