Erica & Billy


While working with my previous company we decided to be a part of the Bride World Exhibit at the LA Convention Center. This would be my first expo as a vendor. I had been to a few with clients and knew to expect a mad house but wasn’t sure what to expect from the other side of the booth. We had this grandiose idea of how we wanted our booth to look so we set out collecting details from West Elm, TJ Maxx, World Market and of course our gracious friends would donated their belonging…we are still greatful.

After one long night and an early morning of set up we were ready to handshake, smile and smooze with potential clients! Our booth was greeted with oohs and ahhs as we seemed to have nailed the décor, which was such a compliment as the booth was practically a replica of my partner and mines apartments. This was when we met Erica. Erica had just gotten engaged to her long time boyfriend and had come to the expo with her Mom and older Sister, Ashley, to get idea and maybe pick up some vendors. Three of the nicest women, let me tell you, we all clicked! And it didn’t hurt that her fiancée, Billy’s, last name was it was meant to be!

After a dinner in Sherman Oaks it was quickly decided that my partner I would be their coordinators! Erica and Billy already had chosen their venue, the gorgeous Sherwood Country Club, and had most of their vendors in place. Which was great for us as we collected all the information that I and organized into excel spread sheets making it easy to access and understand. Time flew and it was before we knew it the big was here!

Living in Venice meant we had to get up extra early to meet at Erica’s parents house to collect the extra decorations that wouldn’t fit in her Dad’s car. After getting everything to the venue we set out to make sure everything was in its place. Checked in the vendors. Had a little snafu with the photographer that was quickly resolved. Everything was coming together and we were having a blast! We did run into some issues where Billy wasn’t able to print off the table numbers and the floating candles didn’t make it to the venue. But with a quick trip to the store and the venue letting us use their printer the crises were averited. The guests arrived, Erica and Billy were married and everyone danced the night away. It was truly a magical day ending with a sparkler exit!

The wedding was over but our work wasn’t done. Erica had asked us to help with the brunch that her Mom was hosting the following day. So we made sure to gather all the flowers and turn the temp down to 60 in our hotel room to make sure they would stay fresh. The brunch was awesome and since we had made friends with everyone the night before it hardly felt like work. So many people kept asking which side we were on thinking we were family. That is truly the best compliment ever! Working with Erica & Billy was such a pleasure and has sensed turned into a true friendship. Thank you Bridal Expo!

"I can't say enough about Morgan. From the very first time we met until I left my venue from my wedding, Morgan was a constant source of support and guidance. She was always quick to answer any ridiculous questions I had (WHAT COLOR NAPKINS DO I GO WITH) and was there to calm me down when I needed it (like when the venue moved our rehearsal time by several hours the week before the wedding). She also helped us find a wonderful florist that I loved. I KNOW I could not have had the wedding I had without her. Everything was gorgeous and I didn't stress out the day of my wedding at all, because I knew Morgan was at the helm. It is SO IMPORTANT to have a day-of coordinator to make sure you truly enjoy your day. And having one as talented and caring as Morgan was truly a blessing for us. Do not hesitate to hire this beautiful soul!" -Erin & Ismar