Jennie & Tomer

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I’m sure every planner has a bucket list of venues they are dying to work at and I’m sure Calimegos is on everyone’s list. That’s why it was so exciting when Jennie and Tomer asked to us to be their coordinators as they had booked the romantic Redwood Room. During our initial meeting it was pretty clear that Jennie had a plan in motion to create her dream wedding. Now, I know I’m probably more organized than your average Jane but Jennie had taken it to another level!

While I love helping Brides create their vision I also love working with ones who know exactly what they want. Jennie and Tomer were so involved and organized with every aspect of planning their wedding that on their big day Jennie handed me a white binder and I knew exactly what to do. The set up was smooth and easy and the staff at Calamigos couldn’t have been more helpful.

That entire day was such a success and I believe it was due to Jennie and Tomer’s prep and organization. I felt honored they were comfortable enough to leave everything in my hands to execute.