Michelle & Colin


These two! Oh my word, were a BLAST to work with. Michelle was referred to my by our mutual friend Raz. I had been the coordinator for his sister Azin’s wedding. Michelle and I had our initial consultation at a local Starbucks and right after we sat down I felt like I was meeting a friend for our weekly coffee date. Being a producer she was all too familiar with what it took to pull off a production and with her fiancée living in San Francisco she really wanted that extra set of hands. I was so happy she asked me to be a part of her big day as I was so in love with her vision and style.

Michelle and Colin were 90% sold on Big Daddy’s Antiques in Culver City. While the name can be a bit misleading this venue is defiantly one to check out! While she was explaining that it is in fact an active antique shop, you are able to use anything and everything they have for your big day. With couples spending tons of money to rent specialty items to elevate their venue it was a no brainer that BDA was the way to go with everything already in house. Michelle booked the venue the following day.

Michelle already had an idea for the different details of her big day. She was set on having a roaming reception. We set only a few tables for dinning and with all the furniture she had at her disposal we were able to create little seating vignettes that played perfectly into her plan. For her and Colin it was all about the music and the food. They locked in not two but three amazing food tucks. First, the Kogi Truck and Olive Wood Pizza Oven showed up on site to take care of the cocktail hour and dinner. Then after a few hours of dancing to music thanks the to the awesome band The Shrines, the In N Out Truck showed up so everyone could get their double doubles!

Working with Michelle and Colin was truly an awesome experience and I’m so thankful that I’m able to call them friends!