Tola & Joe

In the beautiful St. Monica’s church, where they first met, Joe and Tola wed on October 29th in the presence of close friends and family. Joe’s father, a deacon of the Catholic church, performed the wedding vow ceremony and announced his son and new daughter-in-law as husband and wife.

A twilight cocktail hour on Tiato’s garden patio set the magical tone for the reception. The greenery and bistro lights offered the intimate setting desired by the couple. But it was the personal touches throughout the evening that really told their love story.

From the unique guestbook puzzle to the goofy props and poses at the photo booth, Tola and Joe’s reception perfectly showcased their fun personalities and the depths of their bliss. Every couple’s wedding day should be filled with such joy and laughter.

The soft lighting, touching and well-composed speeches and the special gestures to honor the memories of Joe’s mother and sister all made for a sweet and inclusive evening. The friends and family gathered weren’t just attending a party, they were truly a part of the wedding in every way.

Tola & Joe capped off their wedding night with their bridal party at a pre-Halloween party at the rooftop of nearby Shangri-la hotel, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.