Whimsy Style Shoot

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A lake wedding is one of the dreamiest and romantic places. After spending over 80 miles on the road driving around Southern California, scouting for the ideal location for the shoot, we finally settled on Big Bear Lake. The area we found, Juniper Point, welcomed us with a soft cool breeze that wrapped you up in fall. The lake was still, reflecting the homes, pine trees and clouds creating a picture-perfect backdrop. What made the location even more special is that, Morgan, the owner of Cluster Events, has always dreamed of getting married at her parent’s lake house, where they got married thirty-six years ago.

Another great inspiration for the shoot was the work of Tyler Knott Gregson, who became famous by having a 'typewriter' series of poems on social media. With the world where everyone is online, lacking the 'realness' in relationships, Tyler makes the old and new worlds meet and takes advantage of the new age to bring back something timeless. Below is the poem we choose to use for the custom napkin screen printing: "I promise to find art where there may be none, I promise to try to become it if absolutely none exists. I will live in a manner in which I look back and know I chased two things throughout: all the light, all the grace."

We wanted to highlight the design with bold colors of burgundy, charcoal, dark brown, gold with hues of pinks and peaches, and Chelsea Carter Events did a wonderful job incorporating this daring color palette into the flower arrangements. We choose gold flatware, from Alex Party Rentals, to make the sharp angles stand out and pick up the gold detail in our stemware, as well as lanterns with gold edges and our pyramid table number from Urban Outfitters, all of which flowed together nicely with our goal of incorporating organic and geometric details. The dress by JINZA Couture Bridal had beautiful long sleeves and beaded detail that would make any girl’s heart flutter. The hair and make-up, by Meg O’Hare Beauty, was kept soft and natural to go along the warm grey suit from The Black Tux.

As the sun settled over the nearest Los Angeles mountains, we continued to shoot through the dusk. It was as if time stopped, and nothing else existed other than all the light and all the grace.

Michelle & Colin


These two! Oh my word, were a BLAST to work with. Michelle was referred to my by our mutual friend Raz. I had been the coordinator for his sister Azin’s wedding. Michelle and I had our initial consultation at a local Starbucks and right after we sat down I felt like I was meeting a friend for our weekly coffee date. Being a producer she was all too familiar with what it took to pull off a production and with her fiancée living in San Francisco she really wanted that extra set of hands. I was so happy she asked me to be a part of her big day as I was so in love with her vision and style.

Michelle and Colin were 90% sold on Big Daddy’s Antiques in Culver City. While the name can be a bit misleading this venue is defiantly one to check out! While she was explaining that it is in fact an active antique shop, you are able to use anything and everything they have for your big day. With couples spending tons of money to rent specialty items to elevate their venue it was a no brainer that BDA was the way to go with everything already in house. Michelle booked the venue the following day.

Michelle already had an idea for the different details of her big day. She was set on having a roaming reception. We set only a few tables for dinning and with all the furniture she had at her disposal we were able to create little seating vignettes that played perfectly into her plan. For her and Colin it was all about the music and the food. They locked in not two but three amazing food tucks. First, the Kogi Truck and Olive Wood Pizza Oven showed up on site to take care of the cocktail hour and dinner. Then after a few hours of dancing to music thanks the to the awesome band The Shrines, the In N Out Truck showed up so everyone could get their double doubles!

Working with Michelle and Colin was truly an awesome experience and I’m so thankful that I’m able to call them friends!

Tia & Nick

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 first met Tia at the Bridal Expo we did in early January of 2015. In fact I think she was the first bride we spoke to. She was recently engaged and ready to start planning. We had our consultation at the Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney and it went great! However, during the follow up call, Tia let us know that with her tight budget she wasn’t sure she would be able to afford a wedding planner. So many couples have a vision of their dream wedding but when your putting the budget together it can be very overwhelming to see just what it takes. This wasn’t the first time we heard that the couple’s decision to hire a planner had been put on hold and we understood. We told Tia that we would stay in touch and if she had any questions to please reach out.

During the following six months we continued to touch base with Tia and in July she called us with the exciting news that she was ready to hire a planner! We couldn’t have been more excited! Tia and Nick were planning a large wedding. The ceremony was held at Holy Trinity where Nick had been a member his entire life. Everyone knew everyone, which is why it was no surprise they were expecting 400 friends and family! Since they knew their guest count was on the higher side they had already secured the beautiful ballroom at The Huffington Center for dinner and dancing.

All events come with their challenges, that is why staying organized and being prepared is key. In the case of Tia & Nick’s wedding they had decided to take a chance on a caterer they found. The caterer had lots of experience when it came to private dinners in his client’s homes, however, not much experience feeding 400 people. About six weeks before the wedding the caterer let us know that he did not feel comfortable taking on Tia & Nick’s wedding as he was nervous he would disappoint them. We thanked him for his honesty and jumped on the phone to line up three other caterers before we broke the news to Tia & Nick. Long story short by the end of the night everyone was full and happy!

Tia & Nick’s wedding was so full of love and compassion. Every piece of the ceremony was filled with nostalgia, as it had been where Nick first started Sunday School, where he introduced Tia to his Church family and where he was now making her his Wife. The reception was bursting with so much energy as everyone danced the night away! I am so thankful that we kept in touch with Tia and she decided to hire us as her coordinators. Their wedding taught me that patience and persistence does pay off in the end. 

Azin & Erik

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I had first met Azin at a Dodger game I went to with my Boyfriend, Steve, we had been invited by Azin’s bother, Raz, along with an awesome group of people.  I knew that Steve and Raz met at crossfit and that Azin was also a member. I had just started myself, a compromise for making Steve go to yoga with me. Needless to say I stuck with crossfit but Steve dropped yoga…One Saturday morning I sent to class sans Steve and recognized Azin from the game and we became fast friends and crossfit partners. We even got 3rd place in a competition…NBD. 

One night while out with Raz he mentioned that Azin was getting married and “had no idea what she was doing”. He was very concerned she might had gotten in over her head, thinking she could do everything the day of. So I scheduled a call with Azin had learned that her wedding was two weeks away and she had yet to order her flowers or a cake. After I brought this to her attention it was obvious we were going to be working together.

The two weeks went by fast and she had done a great deal on her own. Her and Erik chose to get married at The Oviatt Penthouse in downtown LA. It was a small wedding with the ceremony on the terrace then during cocktail hour we flipped the terrace to the dinning room and dance floor. Both avid readers, the center pieces were made up of old classics and the sign in “book” was actually a hand drawn picture of a book shelf where guests would fill in the spines of the books with their names. Azin and Erik had a simple and beautiful vision with every detail deeply rooted in who they are.

It was such a pleasure getting to know these two amazing people and I’m so thankful they are my true friends. Even though we go to different crossfit classes I always see Azin’s scores on the board and it pushes me to do better! Crossfit partner for life!

Erica & Billy


While working with my previous company we decided to be a part of the Bride World Exhibit at the LA Convention Center. This would be my first expo as a vendor. I had been to a few with clients and knew to expect a mad house but wasn’t sure what to expect from the other side of the booth. We had this grandiose idea of how we wanted our booth to look so we set out collecting details from West Elm, TJ Maxx, World Market and of course our gracious friends would donated their belonging…we are still greatful.

After one long night and an early morning of set up we were ready to handshake, smile and smooze with potential clients! Our booth was greeted with oohs and ahhs as we seemed to have nailed the décor, which was such a compliment as the booth was practically a replica of my partner and mines apartments. This was when we met Erica. Erica had just gotten engaged to her long time boyfriend and had come to the expo with her Mom and older Sister, Ashley, to get idea and maybe pick up some vendors. Three of the nicest women, let me tell you, we all clicked! And it didn’t hurt that her fiancée, Billy’s, last name was Morgan...like it was meant to be!

After a dinner in Sherman Oaks it was quickly decided that my partner I would be their coordinators! Erica and Billy already had chosen their venue, the gorgeous Sherwood Country Club, and had most of their vendors in place. Which was great for us as we collected all the information that I and organized into excel spread sheets making it easy to access and understand. Time flew and it was before we knew it the big was here!

Living in Venice meant we had to get up extra early to meet at Erica’s parents house to collect the extra decorations that wouldn’t fit in her Dad’s car. After getting everything to the venue we set out to make sure everything was in its place. Checked in the vendors. Had a little snafu with the photographer that was quickly resolved. Everything was coming together and we were having a blast! We did run into some issues where Billy wasn’t able to print off the table numbers and the floating candles didn’t make it to the venue. But with a quick trip to the store and the venue letting us use their printer the crises were averited. The guests arrived, Erica and Billy were married and everyone danced the night away. It was truly a magical day ending with a sparkler exit!

The wedding was over but our work wasn’t done. Erica had asked us to help with the brunch that her Mom was hosting the following day. So we made sure to gather all the flowers and turn the temp down to 60 in our hotel room to make sure they would stay fresh. The brunch was awesome and since we had made friends with everyone the night before it hardly felt like work. So many people kept asking which side we were on thinking we were family. That is truly the best compliment ever! Working with Erica & Billy was such a pleasure and has sensed turned into a true friendship. Thank you Bridal Expo!

"I can't say enough about Morgan. From the very first time we met until I left my venue from my wedding, Morgan was a constant source of support and guidance. She was always quick to answer any ridiculous questions I had (WHAT COLOR NAPKINS DO I GO WITH) and was there to calm me down when I needed it (like when the venue moved our rehearsal time by several hours the week before the wedding). She also helped us find a wonderful florist that I loved. I KNOW I could not have had the wedding I had without her. Everything was gorgeous and I didn't stress out the day of my wedding at all, because I knew Morgan was at the helm. It is SO IMPORTANT to have a day-of coordinator to make sure you truly enjoy your day. And having one as talented and caring as Morgan was truly a blessing for us. Do not hesitate to hire this beautiful soul!" -Erin & Ismar

Jennie & Tomer

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I’m sure every planner has a bucket list of venues they are dying to work at and I’m sure Calimegos is on everyone’s list. That’s why it was so exciting when Jennie and Tomer asked to us to be their coordinators as they had booked the romantic Redwood Room. During our initial meeting it was pretty clear that Jennie had a plan in motion to create her dream wedding. Now, I know I’m probably more organized than your average Jane but Jennie had taken it to another level!

While I love helping Brides create their vision I also love working with ones who know exactly what they want. Jennie and Tomer were so involved and organized with every aspect of planning their wedding that on their big day Jennie handed me a white binder and I knew exactly what to do. The set up was smooth and easy and the staff at Calamigos couldn’t have been more helpful.

That entire day was such a success and I believe it was due to Jennie and Tomer’s prep and organization. I felt honored they were comfortable enough to leave everything in my hands to execute.

Erin & Izzy

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Erin got a hold of me after the Bridal Expo, so my partner at the time and I set up a consultation to grab coffee with her and her finance which happened to be on Valentine’s Day. Erin showed up with a mason jar full of chocolates…needless to say we became fast friends! Erin and Izzy were in the beginning stages of their planning process but had already secured The Victorian in Santa Monica. Living in Venice I had passed by this place many times as well as frequented the Basement, which is the bar…in the basement.

This venue is beautiful and rustic with a hint of whimsy. Right on Main Street in Santa Monica, the old house has a romantic courtyard, where their ceremony was held, intimate dinning area on the first floor and beautiful roof top and upstairs library for dancing. Erin warned us she was a girly girl and wanted flowers everywhere in blush and pinks. We knew we had the perfect florist, Sarah Coplen of Truly Fancy and she did not disappoint! As Erin and Izzy booked their other vendors we knew it was important to bring them to the space prior to the big day to ensure they had a plan to navigate the three different spaces where the events were taking place.

After months of planning and putting the pieces together it was time for Erin and Izzy to get married. The weather was perfect, the venue was dripping in peonies and roses, and the little details such as the ribbon wrapped menus and table names referencing Izzy’s profession in the MLB industry; were such extensions of the couple that brought a sense of unity to the space. The night was magical and before we knew it had come to an end.

The Beginning

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I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss my background and dive in deeper on how I got into planning! I had an amazing childhood, growing up in Columbus, Ohio. Our house was on a very suburban block with cookie cutter houses and our backyards coming together like a big pizza. It was very “Sandlot-esque”.

From a young age I was always bringing people together. I can remember, for Christmas one year, I got this Teacher Set…it had everything you would find in a classroom. I had already recruited my younger sister Madison to be my student I just wanted a few more. After school I would run around and gather all the kids, bring them back to school in my basement. It didn’t last too long as these poor kids had just finished a whole day in actual school. But it was fun and brought the neighborhood together. Not too long after I closed the doors to my classroom I decided to produce my first play and I choose The Little Mermaid”!

I had all the parts cast, Madison was to be the star, my jack-pot friend Jenica was Eric, her little sister Sam was Flounder and their Mom, Denise would be Sebastian and my Dad was to narrate. The VHS recorder was set to record and a masterpiece was made. I’m not sure what happened to that tape but the memory is still fresh in my mind and looking back I’m so appreciative of my parents and Denise for supporting me and putting on a costume.

Those two moments stick out in my life as evidence I was a natural born planner. Not much changed as I got into high school. I was always planning the Sweet Sixteen’s, renting the limo reserving the restaurant, making sure no one was left off the guest list. And of course when it was time for Prom and Homecoming I was the go to to make all the plans. Let me tell you finding a limo that will fit 25 sometimes means finding a bus that says OSU on the side…we made it work!

Somewhere along the line I got the acting bug. While I never was in a single play growing up I always knew I would be “famous". I talked about it so much that I was voted “most likely to be famous” in high school. I knew College would be my moment so I packed up and moved to Chicago where I attended Columbia and ended up graduating with a BFA in Theater. I did what I set out to do…got some exposure doing plays, even booked a commercial and had to fly to Nashville to film it. I’ll let you know the commercial was for the Marine Corps as they have their own stations overseas and the content is meant to be uplifting and encoring. My commercial was about staying in shape…lets just I was the “before”.

I lived in Chicago a total of 7 years and all the time I noticed that I was enjoying producing much more than actually acting. It was such a rush to have this list of things that needed to happen in order for the show to be successful and knowing you only had so much time to check off that list. Each check mark was an accomplishment…I would write lists for days. Sometimes getting too detailed just so I could have more items to check off! Organizing the list of actors, lists of props, schedules, rehearsal spaces, marketing, ticket sales…all leading up to opening night. During the actual show there this is energy, coming from the actors and from the audience that everyone feeds off of. Being aware of the fourth wall that can be broken at any minute or actors forgetting their lines and having to improve…its exciting! Then that last moment when the audience is applauding and everyone takes a bow…that exhale of breath and feeling of accomplishment is a smile I never want to wipe off my face.

That is the feeling I chase, the feeling I love and the feeling that planning and coordinating events provides for me. I didn’t always know this would be the path I would follow but I’m so happy I found it.

Besides…who doesn’t love a good party ;)